Where to Travel in November

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November is a wonderful month for travel. The heat of summer is long over, but the cold of winter has yet to set in. Days are crisp and cool, perfect for getting outdoors. Autumn is in full swing, and there is much natural beauty to see. Or, if you live in a place that is already chilly, you may be looking for somewhere a little warmer. Read on for some great places to travel in November.

Vermont in November is the epitome of autumn weather. The leaves are beautiful shades of red and orange, and the weather is cold and sunny. There is much to do while on vacation in Vermont. You can take a hike and explore the beautiful foliage. Many of its quaint small towns have fall festivals for the entire family to enjoy. You may even want to visit a local farm to see how things are grown.

New York City
There is something about fall in the city. New York City has so much to do, from Broadway Shows to Central Park to historical sites like Ellis Island. There is something for everyone. As an added plus, visiting in November will let you take in some of the beautiful holiday displays while beating the Christmas crowds.

Scotland is known for its natural beauty. Add the turning of the leaves, and Scotland in Autumn is breathtaking. There are many hikes you can take through the highlands to see some stunning views of the trees and lochs from the hilltops. End your days with a pint and a meal at the local pub.

Caribbean Cruise
If it’s already miserably cold in your area, you might want to consider a Caribbean cruise to remind you of the warm days of summer. You can relax on the beach with a tropical drink in hand, while everyone back at home is dealing with the cold. November is a great time for a cruise. The weather is perfect and it is near the end of hurricane season, so you should not have to worry about storms. Prices might also be a little lower and you shouldn’t have to deal with too many crowds.

If you want to get in some time on the slopes, Colorado can be a great trip for November. You can take in some gorgeous mountain views during the day and spend your evening by a cozy fire. November is also a good time to beat the winter crowds that will be coming in the next couple of months.

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Arielle Raycene is a NYC-based actress & model.
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